Benefits of Installing Commercial and Residential Automatic Gates

August 25, 2022

Adding an automatic gate opener to your home or business is a sound investment for most property owners. Benefits include:

  • Added Security
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Curb Appeal
  • Increased Property Value
  • Ease of USe

Automatic Gates Provide a High Return on Investment

Installing an electric gate is an excellent way to add value, comfort, and curb appeal to your property.

With many design options available, you’re sure to find a gate that will complement the landscaping an architecture of your property. These gates are know to increase property value in some cases, insurance companies may provide discounts, because the gate is adds security, and deters thieves.

For commercial and industrial properties, automatic security gates will protect your company’s valuable inventory and keep employees safe. This is less expensive than adding 24/7 security staff. Commercial gates can include razor wire, barbed wire, wire coils, or anti-climb spikes to match the rest of your company’s perimeter fencing.

Closed automatic gate blocking a driveway


The most obvious benefit of installing an automatic gate is added security, because it will deter thieves and vandals at both residential and commercial properties. In addition to preventing unauthorized access, a security gate at your home will keep pets and children safe inside your yard and away from predators or traffic.

You control who can access your property, and when. Features like an intercom system and security camera allow you to see and communicate with visitors at the gate. Employees, guests and family members can be given automatic access through a keypads, card readers, and key fobs.


Unlike manual gates, you can close an automatic gate remotely, so if someone forgets to close it, you can secure your property with the press of a button. By the same token, you can allow visitors to enter your home or business without walking out to the gate or leaving it open all the time. When you’re driving, you don’t have to get out of your car to open or close the gate.


Gates can be heavy. An automatic gate removes the need to exit your vehicle and manually move the gate. These products have built-in safety features to further reduces risks. For example, photoelectric sensors, audible warnings, contact/pressure sensors, screening, and safety cages. Depending on the application, your automatic residential or commercial gate would have some or all of these.


Automatic security gates have many design options, so you can get the protection you need with the style you want. You can have a custom entry that complements the rest of your property’s landscaping and architecture. Custom lighting and masonry can be added to further enhance curb appeal.

Suitable for a Variety of Applications

Automatic gates are commonly used for restricting access to residential driveways, gated communities, municipal facilities, and commercial properties. They can be active 24/7, or just used for access control after business hours. Commercial gate openers have powerful controls to hold up to the demands of frequent use for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Depending on the application and the amount of space available, your home or business could have an automatic vertical pivot gate, vertical lift gate, swing gate, pedestrian swing gate, overhead slide gate, box frame roller gate, or cantilever slide gate.

An automatic gate is a significant investment, but it does provide immediate and long-term benefits that typically outweigh the cost. If you place a high value on the people and items on your property, you’re likely to enjoy the benefits of an automatic gate.

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