Reddi Fence installs and repairs wrought iron fences in the Wichita area. We offer custom installation for homes and businesses. Call for a free estimate.

A decorative wrought iron fence is a durable, attractive and long lasting fencing option. All iron fences are galvanized for long lasting quality. We can install a custom iron fence or pre-manufactured iron fences for commercial and residential applications. Iron fences are available in a variety of heights and designs. Fence panels are welded for superior strength and security. Ornamental options are available to match you exterior asthetics.

Most of our wrought iron fencing include superior corrosion protection with coverage inside and out. This galvanized steel treatment and finishing process provides protection from adverse weathering effects and reduces visible wear. These finishes are maintenance.

Features and Options Include:

  • Multiple Styles
  • Color and Height Options
  • Finial and Adornment Choices
  • Durability and Security Levels
  • Large Gate Selection
  • Pet Pickets
  • Automatic Gates & Access Control
  • Hybrid Options

All of our wrought iron fences include our satisfaction guarantee, as well as a manufactures warranty (for pre-manufactured fencing products). Get a free estimate for your home or business:

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You’ll have several style options when putting up your new fence, so complementing an existing design aesthetic is never a problem. Here are some of the style choices we offer. Note: Options may change, not all options shown here.

Fence Styles

Fence Finials

Wrought Iron Fences for Small Dogs

If you have a small dog and are either required to have an iron fence, or just enjoy the style of wrought iron, don’t worry. We have iron fences with option pet pickets to keep your small dogs and pest secure in your yard. We also offer mesh products that can be added to your fence if the pickets are too far apart. This black mesh is durable, and it discreetly blends in with the fence design.

Iron Fence with Puppy Pickets

Iron Fence Repairs

We fix wrought iron fences and gates in the Wichita area. We have a large inventory of fence parts and replacement panels, so repairs are typically completed same-day. Call for a free repair estimate: