You do not need a permit to build a residential fence in Wichita, KS, unless the fence will be more than eight foot high. You are also not required to build a good neighbor fence.

However, many homeowner’s associations (HOAs) in Wichita do have rules regarding fence construction. If your home is a part of an HOA, or if have entered into a restrictive covenant, you should check to see what rules may apply. If you are unsure what rules may apply, contact your city or municipality before building.

Commercial fences may have more specific requirements based on zoning. See the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department site for more info.

Some suburban Wichita cities do require permits for fence construction, and many have their own rules regarding height and design. If you’re building a new fence, be sure to check with your municipality before starting construction. If you contract with Reddi Fence, we will assist with this process.

We have complied a list of some online resources for Wichita area fence permits:

Resources found on our website are provided as general guidelines, and Reddi Industries does not assume any liability resulting from the provided information. Note City, county and state laws and ordinances are subject to change. Contact your municipality or Reddi Fence before building.

If you are not hiring a professional fence contractor and plan to install a fence on your own, always call 811 before you dig. Kansas One Call will assist with identifying the location of underground utilities. If you contract with Reddi Fence, we will assist with this process.