What is a cap and trim fence?

Cap and trim fences are similar to a traditional wood privacy fence, but they also include a top “cap” piece that covers the pickets, which provides a more finished look. The pickets are centered with the fence post, so the post can be seen on either side of the fence.

This style of fence is a little more expensive than a standard wooden privacy fence,  however they have added curb appeal and increased durability.

A standard privacy fence’s pickets are exposed at the top. While a cap and trim fence will cover the tops of the pickets with a piece of trim on each side, and an additional piece of wood, flat, at the very top of the fence. This decorative top is the “trim” and “cap”. Cap and trim fences may have the trim on one side of the fence, or both. 

This fence style helps keep rain and moisture out of the exposed ends of the pickets, which absorb water more easily than the surface of the fence. 

At the bottom of a cap and trim fence there is typically a footer piece that is designed to match the top cap’s style. The footer is also used to add stability and to seal the bottom of the fence off so that animals can’t see under the fence.

Cap and trim fences can optionally have a middle wood rail for extra stability and protection from high winds. A “Good neighbor fence”, will have this piece on the inside of the fence, so area exposed to your neighbor’s property is simply smooth flat pickets. There are a number of options for support rail and trim placement that can be designed around your budget, durability requirements, HOA rules, and aesthetic goals. 

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A Durable, Versatile Fence

Because of the extra moisture protection and added support, cap and trim fences tend to last longer than a typical wooden privacy fence. You also have additional options for decorative post caps, cap accents, and decorative trim cuts that are not available with a standard wooden fence.

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